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Relocating to another place is not about gathering boxes, stuffing it with the wares and getting it shipped on a truck, its lot more. A proper research is the number one requirement before hiring any moving company.


There are many people who have experienced hostage-like situations in the hands of the moving company they’ve hired. The modus operandi of such companies is to lure the customers with a very low price. After taking the stuff to their warehouse with an initial deposit, they do not move to the destination till some more money has been deposited and later, they ask for some more to release the belongings to the relocated place.

Talking to one’s family or friends is the best bet as their opinion about the moving company they have used or heard from the experiences of their friends will be more trustworthy.They can give a better outlook about the moving company they have use and their recommendations will be more trustworthy than any review on the internet or talk with the sales representative.


If, however, we do not know anyone who has used a moving company in the recent past,then going through the reviews on the internet is the next best option. We need to go through each review given by their customers with a fine-tooth comb to understand the working style of the moving companies. The reviews give us an idea about the experiences of their customers in the hands of the moving company. A good review enhances the reliability factor of the company.It tells us that they are not over priced, there are no hidden charges, they take good care of the goods shipped, they’ve paid the value of any damaged stuff without any argument and have helpful representatives making relocation easy for the customer. But an onslaught of bad reviews on the internet shows that those companiesare habitual offenders and do not stick to the commitments made by them. Such companies should not be considered by the customer at all, even if they quote very less for the job.


The other thing which increases our trust level for a company is the professional accreditation of the company. Choosing a moving company that’s a member of a professional association assures us the overall quality and the professionalism of its staff. The companies who are endorsed by professional associations require members to maintain certain standards and a code of ethics like the movers need to deal fairly with clients, adhere to lawful agreements and comply with laws and regulations.


So, a good reference, a good review and the opinions from family and friends matter a lot in the moving business for them to be successful. More information at Umzug Zürich can be gathered from many of the review sites which compel the customers to go with us for their international relocation.