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Tomato is known for its qualities, it is used in making dishes, curries, salads, etc. across the globe. It is grown in almost all the countries round the world. Tomato health benefits are that they are good for eyes, keep your stomach healthy and keep your blood pressure controlled and hair strong. It is a rich source of vitamin.

Tomato is considered to be one of the nutritious vegetable or fruit; they are the rich source of Vitamin A, C and K1. It also contain potassium, magnesium and phosphorus, Tomatoes also have dietary fiber and some portion of protein. Tomato health benefits are known from ancient times, it is very beneficial for cancer patients as it has rich source of antioxidants present in it. Another very important health benefit of tomato is that it is good for heart patient as well because tomato controls your blood pressure.

Tomatoes are also known for its benefits for skin and eye problems, as it has rich source of vitamin C and A available in it and these are the requirements for getting rid of such problems. Its vitamin A quality helps you in improving your eyesight; one should consume these tomatoes with seeds. Tomatoes are even act as a good source of cosmetic effects like for glowing skin one can apply tomato pulp on face and can see the radical change on their skin, it starts glowing. It is because tomato helps the skin to absorb oxygen and give the glowing effect. This also helps in preventing from skin aging. Not only this applying tomato on face would also removes the tanning on your face, it acts like a de tanning agent and can even be used as a sunscreen. Tomato is beneficial for hair as well. Its consumption can also help you in hair loss

 Tomatoes are even good for bones and teeth as they are rich in calcium. People who are into body building or gyming tomato is a must have for them as it is rich in protein. It helps them to repair their cells and help them in building muscles. If you consume tomato then it is a good source of fiber as well. So tension of consuming cholesterol does not arise as tomato seeds does not contains 0% of cholesterol init.

Tomatoes are full of qualities, can help you in protecting from a lot of diseases and can be consumed in any form by taking it as a juice, have it in salads, add them in your vegetable curries, etc.