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Do we all realize the importance of the joints in our bodies? Most of us just tend to take our bodies for granted till at some time when we do face an issue; that's when we start realizing how important each and every part of our body is. Do we know which is the most important joint in our body? The knee joint. Not only one of the most important but also the strongest joint in our body. A joint which handles the entire weight of your body and allowing the calves to move in accordance to the thigh. Think about - all your family activities while sitting, running, walking, or even standing is accomplished due to this joint. How many of us realise and take care of ourselves and in turn taking care of our bodies? We realize the importance only once there is some pain or any sort of discomfort that we face our daily movements. Then we rush to the doctors and sometimes it is too late for the damage to be repaired and this is true especially for our knee joint and the cartilage supporting the knee joint. There are now supplements available which do help with knee repair. Natural supplements are one of the best supplement for knee cartilage repair. 

Let's quickly understand the reason for the knee joint or the knee cartilage to get damaged and what exactly happens. Firstly, the cartilage is a cushion that not only stabilizes the joint however also prevents the bones from rubbing against each other which in the future would result in the wear and tear of the bones. However, in spite of this being part of the strongest joint, the cartilage is relatively easy to damage. Even the slightest injury can damage or cause a tear in this tissue. Thus causing pain and discomfort. Minor injuries would heal on its own however major damage might require the use of supplements. There are both artificial and natural supplements available. However, natural supplement is one of the best supplement for knee cartilage repair compared to artificial or synthetic ones.

However, at the end it makes more sense to take care of our bodies rather than rectifying the damage done. Rightly said- precaution is better than cure. So let’s first understand that our bodies need to be taken care of. That's one place where we are going to live in till we die. Like our places of our residence even our bodies need care and cleaning from time to time. Take some time out from your routine to maintain a healthy lifestyle not just to lose weight but rather to be fit and active.