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In rehabilitation centers, the first step in treating drug and alcohol addiction often starts with detoxification or for short known as ‘detox’, this is the process of allowing our body’s toxins to get eliminated from our body while managing the effects of withdrawal symptoms from a sudden stoppage of consuming drugs and alcohol.

Detox can often be given to a patient who is admitted inside a rehabilitation center or for minor cases outpatients. There are three stages in detox; the first is an evaluation, the second stage is stabilization, and lastly the transitioning for treatment.

Medical experts believe that if there is a supervised detox program for a patient undergoing a rehab, is very important because there is a huge percentage that the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol, benzodiazepine, and opiate can be fatal and may cause death to the person.

In medical term, this condition is called “cold turkey” and can cause severe effects that could lead to life-threatening consequences.

Just to set things straight, detox is the entire treatment; it is just the first step in rehabilitation. Before you start your rehabilitation program, you are first required to undergo detox

Detox is not actually treatment. After you complete detox, you should consider entering a rehabilitation program because this is the process where your body will eliminate all of the traces of the drugs, alcohol and other substances that may pose threats to our health as we manage the symptoms of withdrawing from our dependence in alcohol and drugs. This is considered an important aspect in a rehabilitation program to ensure that there is a development or progress for the person undergoing it.

It is considered important because as we continue to consume drugs and alcohol frequently, our bodies turned to it like we are becoming more independent to it both physically and psychologically and if there is an abrupt stoppage of consuming these substances, our bodies will react in a certain manner that can cause severe results that may be even life-threatening.

The detoxification process will surely help a rehab patient by easing down the discomfort brought by the withdrawal; it also helps any serious illnesses that may arise during the rehab program, and it also helps the patient undergo an easier path in traversing the difficult road to recovery.

Detox can also curb the temptation or craving of a person who is suffering from addiction. It is considered to be entirely safe because it calms down our body by eliminating all the toxins brought by alcohol and drugs that it makes our body easier to deal with the withdrawal symptoms.

Detoxification can be applied to a person who is taking several drugs that require medical supervision because these substances have withdrawal symptoms that can be dangerous when agitated.

This includes alcohol as well and also, barbiturates, Benzodiazepines along with Ambien, and Lunesta, as well as other Opiates and prescription Opioids. Detox is also vital for persons who are addicted to cocaine and methamphetamine because all these mentioned drugs have severe withdrawal effects to our body that is why detox is important.

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